Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Book Review: 'War Correspondents'

I recently acquired a copy of this book. I got it from a remaindered bookshop for £3

It is a hardback, with dust-jacket and it's large. Very large, so much so with four legs it would make a fine side-table. I'm not going to do that, it's far too good for that. The book is 593 pages of photographic journalism dating from the Crimean War to the Libya Civil War of 2011. The colossal scale of the book allows it to cover all of the conflicts in between: major and minor. Images from the Russo-Japanese War are fascinating and include some pictures taken during combat by Italian journo Lorenzo D'Adda. The collection of images from the Spanish Civil War are also of a high standard including one of an International Brigader leaping into a shell hole as an ME109 passes overhead. Wherever possible the photographs are credited which is itself interesting since war photographers are generally unknown or unremembered.

The book is a fascinating collection of action shots, group photographs and posed pictures. Its great breadth means that it can only give a sketch of any given war but what a sketch it gives! I rate it highly as a wargaming and information resource. But be warned, the photography does not flinch. There are numbers of pictures of the victims of atrocities as well as the battle dead and the maimed.

Here's a sample of the photographs in the book:

Front Cover

Russo-Japanese War - Troops attacking

Captured British International Brigaders

Legionary of The Spanish Foreign Legion in Teruel

A Damaged U-Boat & A Spitfire on HMS Vindex

War Correspondents

Published by Scala

ISBN: 978-88-87090-74-1

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