Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Tea Dance

Tea dance, well, going by this definition what I'm going to is not strictly a tea dance. The time's wrong for a start: 2pm - 6pm (but not by much). There's a big band playing and a comedian too. Mrs Barbara Nice? People tell me she's funny but I have no direct evidence or experience of her work. I am hopeful. The big band will be big with a bigger sound.

What is most accurate is the tea and cake. All the baked goods are home-made and, going by September's tea dance, plentiful and delicious. They even cater for minority interest groups like vegetarians and the gluten intolerant. (That was a joke, a poor one but a joke nonetheless). 

What is also accurate is the dancing. All kinds of swing dance: charleston, lindy, jitterbug, balboa, shim-sham plus the odd bit of foxtrot and two-step.

I'm taking my camera. IF I remember I'll get some shots. I may forget: all those lovely 1940s styled ladies and the fresh cakes are such a distraction.


I remembered:

One of the two tables groaning under the weight of delicious home-baked treats

The Tom Dunnet Big Band laying down a swingin' beat

What a well organised, friendly and all round brilliant afternoon! We started with an hour's worth of Collegiate Shagno sniggering at the back! Followed by two sessions of top tunes from the Tom Dunnet Big Band and a funny if slightly crazy turn from Mrs Barbara Nice. I scored loads of dances and made some new friends too; a great afternoon.

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