Wednesday, 26 December 2012

You Did Load With Silver Bullets, Didn't You?

I hope that you all had a smashing Christmas and had fun whether you were alone or with family and/or friends. I spent Christmas Day alone; worry not, it was all planned that way and I had a really good day. DVD heaven in the form of 'The Sweeney', 'Life on Mars' & 'The Pacific', whiskey and soda and a delicious dinner. My children are coming to stay tomorrow so it's Christmas take 2 and time to open the presents that still adorn the tree - YAY!!

I finished off the Lycan toys late yesterday. I've decided that dead Lycans can be re-cycled back into play to reflect the seemingly limitless numbers of dog-soldiers in the movie. I have also decided to buy one more 'Street Violence' pack from Foundry to beef up the Vampires in the face of the Lycan hordes-u-like menace.

Here's some shots of the Lycans in their lair:

I've also built some terrain features for the Lycans' lair from salvaged bits from a a broken telly. The boards are from the 'Dungeons and Dragons' boxed game set.

I must get around to writing some rules soon. Thank dog I bought a copy of Featherstone's 'Skirmish Wargaming' off  John Curry in October!

All the best!

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