Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Is That Blood On Your Chin?

I can still remember the first time I saw Underworld and how brilliant and thrilling the movie was and is. The sequels are variable to say the least but the original film is a classic. Vampires with guns! Werewolves with guns! Kate Beckinsale in spray on latex! Michael Sheen & Bill Nighty chewing the scenery (literally)! Silver bullets! Bullets with liquid day-light! It's film noirness and insistent music score are just the ticket.

The film has many highlights but the climactic battle is a standout. The sense of menace and fear is palpable for the vampires when they invade the lycans' lair. That's something you rarely see in films of that type: bloodsuckers cacking themselves.

So I decided that battle, or something like it, just cried out for a table-topping and pronto. I'd bought some, I think, Perry 28mm toys a while ago that fitted the bill. Long coats, smartly dressed and heavily armed these toys said Death Dealers to me.

Here's the magnificent seven at the prep stage:

The Lycans are behind us aren't they?

I've also got a Lycan force but can't remember where they are just now. Time to ransack another cupboard methinks.

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