Friday, 21 December 2012

Beware The Moon.......

Actually the werewolves/lycans in Underworld are able to transform from human to werewolf by simply removing their jacket and pushing their face out. No lunar involvement necessary. This is a neat trick but it has a flaw. In human form they can use guns; as werewolves they can't. So they have to get in close to their vamp-vic or it's the dead-dog-ditch for them if the vamp's armed. If not, well it's vienna-slice time for the vamp.

I've taken some pix of the werewolves at the start of their paint journeys. Four of them are from the Dr Who toy figures released a while ago. One I remember buying at Derby a million years ago but don't know the maker. The three in human form are, I think, Perry in origin. I sliced off and re-positioned the arms on some of the lycans to make them more individual. And frankly scary. Imagine one of them jumping on you while you make your way through their dark lair?

Rover, Towzer, Jimbo, Mr.Pickles

Terrifying, eh?

Dog Soldiers

The Chuckle Brothers

All the best!

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