Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Is There A Doctor In The House?

No. But there is: Nursing Sister Tweedy!

Following the demise of her chicken business Tweedy was at something of a loose end. Reading a copy of The Daily Bias she chanced upon an advertisement asking for suitably qualified medical personnel to sign on with The Army of Tarbooshia. Thinking that her experience of chicken breeding and the possession of a first aid certificate made her over-qualified she gave it a punt anyway. A day later a party of be-fezzed gentlemen called upon her. They immediately offered her the job of 2 i/c of The Tarbooshian Medical Service plus a salary of 50 Tarbies per month, generous pension plan, free uniforms, including thick grey stockings, food and laundry. Naturally she said yes.

Now well ensconced in a tent of her own design as the Senior Nursing Officer of The Army of Tarbooshia. She enjoys a fearsome reputation among those who have the temerity to report sick or be wounded. Her icy stare has been known to sew up wounds and revive even those already pronounced dead.

Her prescription for all injuries is: 'Pull yourself together, take two aspirin and get back in your trench!' She has a loyal assistant in Kasim the Grubby whose main medical skill is fetching coffee from the kitchen of his brother Filthy Abdul.

Tweedy's Treatment Tent 1

Tweedy's Treatment Tent 2

Tweedy's Treatment Tent 3

Sister Tweedy Welcomes The Sick

The Team

The Surgeon General

The tent and motorised supply carrier, Tarbooshian-Schlepper Mk I, are adorned generously with the symbol of help for the sick and injured. They also make excellent aiming marks for unscrupulous swine such as Etrucians and Anahuacans. Sister Tweedy remains undaunted, certain that her own brutality is more than a match for theirs.

The tent was made from a couple of small boxes. Panelling from strips of paper soaked in tea to get that pleasing effect. The guy-ropes are linen thread and the tent pegs are cut-down cocktail sticks. Kasim is a converted from a 54mm ACW artillery figure. The motorised wagon was originally a horse-drawn job; steering wheel is a button on a cocktail stick. The crates were made from balsa with wooden strips glued on. Red cross symbols copied and printed from images on the web. Sister Tweedy converted from a 54mm Mrs Tweedy figure from the movie Chicken Run. About the last good thing Mr Gibson did before turning into what he turned into.  

PS Hello to new blog follower Moss Trooper. He runs a couple of very interesting blogs. I particularly enjoyed his figure painting process tutorial.


  1. shame you've not got rocky's cannon would look ace in your howitzer section.

    1. Stay tuned for howitzery goodness...........

  2. I´m glad I´m don´t have to be treated by Nurse tweedy...those eyes look scarey :-D

  3. Very nice work, a great tent...and post!

    1. Thank you, Phil, I don't think I'd like to go into that tent. One might never come out........