Friday, 28 December 2012

Get Your Trousers On! You're......etc etc

Back on the backlog clearance trail and I've opened a box of figures & rules for Geezers! Shut It! Yet another project that's been languishing in development hell for, oooo, ages. I do remember sub-contracting some of the figure painting out to a girlfriend of mine. We split up not long after but I don't think this had anything to do with it. She did quite a nice job considering she'd never painted 28mm figures before. Their time spent in storage porridge had left them knocked about. So I was forced to tidy up the blaggers she'd done. I also painted up two armed coppers; one chap with a Sterling SMG; two women, sorry birds. One of whom looks like she's on her way to a Lambs Navy Rum photo-shoot via a Hai-Karate advert. The Lynx of its day. The other bird is best left undescribed........

I've been watching 'The Sweeney' & 'Life On Mars' DVD box sets over Christmas. For entertainment value but also for, vibrant, background colour. Especially for the clothes of that decade. The clothes.............

The toys are painted in what I believe are authentic renderings of 1970s fashion, colours and taste. Whether that is good or bad I leave to you, Dear Reader. Any migraines or flashbacks induced by the images posted below I apologise for.

I also have a collection of vehicles and buildings for the game but more of them later. I've also left out the pic of one female figure who would be described by my Mother as 'A Right One'.

Theresa Thruppnees
Local Bird, likes eating at Berni Inns

Nostrils Newman with his trademark sawn-off.
I originally painted his balaclava in the style of the ski-masks sported by the villains in Chalk & Cheese. The toy looked like he was sporting a tea-cosy and was the laughing stock of the gang. 

Soft Terry says No shootahs! 
This chap is wearing one of his trouble's stockings. Hence his slightly flayed alive look.

Jimmy the Git
Just gimme the moolah and no-one gets 'urt. Right?

Pump-Action Paul
'E was wearing ox-blood Doctor Martin's, officer

Copper, Special Branch or Insane Villain?

Flying Squad Skipper
Drop it!

Flying Squad Guv'nor 
You're nicked!

They just need their bases doing in an urban style, bit of high-lighting and then varnishing. 'Andsome!

As always comments are very welcome.

All the best!


  1. The treacle coloured tart is winehouse in minature.
    Where you going to get tranny van and ford grandad for cops and robbers. perhaps your more jag xj and quatro man.
    You slag!

    1. Zippit, you muppet, or I'll 'ave you dahn vu Factory faster'n you kin blink, you toilet!

  2. Skipper and Guv'nor are terrificly full of character.