Friday, 14 December 2012

Why Are You Looking At My Throat?

Vampiric progress has been slow this week. The chilly weather and the fact that I seem to be permanently cold are the main factors. Last night was dreadful and deciding that if I couldn't sleep I might as well do get up and get painting. So, fortified with tea, toast and Test Match Special I got on with it.

Of the original seven vampires 5 are nearing completion; the other two should catch up by Sunday. I'm going to a swing-dance tomorrow night so that will delay production but in a totally dancetastic cause.

I used a limited palette to paint these toys: white, reds & black for their clothing. Gun metal & black for the weaponry. Fleshtones are pale and interesting and that includes the two black vamps.

Erika, Andreas, Julia

Erika, Julia

Castor, Andreas, Xavier

More when I have it!


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