Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fuel For The Front #1

More Western Desert Force (Toy) hi-jinks tonight. I picked up an Airfix RAF Refuelling Set from the Bring-&-Buy at this year's Salute. The vehicle its are complete but the groundcrew figures were AWOL. Still for £4 who's complaining?

The continuous supply of LOG and POL is vital in Megablitz games so scoring the set was quite a coup. As you know the set includes two refuelling vehicles so that's 7th Armoured division's POL needs more than taken care of. I decided that the Bedford QL Fuel Bowser would be built and then posted to 7th Armoured as its POL column.

The build, due to the large number of kit sprues, was a little daunting at first. But I read through the instruction sheet (I know! Crazy!) a couple of times and the mists cleared. The build was straightforward and presented only a couple of problems. The main one being the cab the parts of which didn't fit together all that well. Green stuff will be used to fill gaps between parts as per. I really didn't fancy painting the interior of the cab so instead I cut some white care to fit over all the windows. I glued these card shapes to the inside of the cab and then fitted the roof. I'll paint the windows in similar fashion to other vehicle windows which you can see around this blog.

The refuelling tank was also a relatively easy build especially as I just glued on the aft doors in the closed position. The hoses and their housings, despite their delicate nature, also went together without incident. In fact the only issue was the pair of tank supports which I managed to glue together back to front. Still, they'll be buried beneath the fuel tank and they support the bowser perfectly well.

Here are few pics of the QL in its 'raw' state: post-build but before hole-filling and undercoating.

Hello to new blog-followers: No Pasaran Miniatures & Steve63; welcome and thanks for following!

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