Friday, 6 September 2013

7th Armoured Division #1

The British 7th Armoured Division was the immediate successor to The Mobile Division and as such was a transitional unit ie not the following the orthodoxy of '43-'45. I feel this makes it more interesting, as I do about the period of WW2 from 1939-1942. Eminently suitable for a Megablitz project then!

The 7th AD possessed two tank brigades in 1940 but they're not ready yet. However parts of The Support Group are. So it's them who have been photographed first. The Support Group was commanded ably by 'Strafer' Gott during Operation Compass. The Support Group comprised two battalions of Motorised Infantry (1st KRRC & 2nd The Rifles) and a regiment of 25pdr guns (4th RHA). Thus far I have finished one of the motor battalions and the regiment of guns.

1st Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps
Support Group
7th Armoured Division

4th Regt RHA
Support Group
7th Armoured Division

The KRRC get to swan about in an Airfix Matador truck; figures by Revell. The RHA is the Airfix 25pdr with the Quad acting as a tractor and LOG vehicle. The Morris in the background is part of another regiment, of which more later.

Updates As They Happen! (In case anyone was baffled by UATH!)


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    1. Cheers, Phil! I promise you the Caunter-blue is nowhere near this bright in reality :-)

  2. Looking good! Caunter colours have been the subject of some debate, which in my book means tht you have artistic licence : If someone looks at it and says "oh, thats dazzle camouflage isn't it?" then you've achieved the aim :O)

    Regards, Chris.

    1. Chris, you always say the nicest things. I do admire Dazzle Camo in all its deranged forms.