Thursday, 12 September 2013

7th Armoured Division #3

In its 1940 incarnation the division had two armoured brigades: 4th and 7th. Each brigade had three tank regiments so in Megablitz terms that is three toy tanks per brigade: six in total. The two brigades are being put together concurrently as funding allows. The regiments were as follows:

4th Armoured Brigade (Brigadier JRL Caunter)
7th Queen's Own Hussars (Light Tanks)
2nd Btn, RTR (Cruiser Tanks)
6th Btn, RTR (Cruiser Tanks)

7th Armoured Brigade (Brigadier HE Russell)
3rd The King's Own Hussars (Light Tanks)
8th King's Royal Irish Hussars (Light Tanks)
1st Btn, RTR (Cruiser Tanks)

A13 Cruiser Tank
1st Battalion Royal Tank Regiment

Mk VI Light Tank
3rd King's Own Hussars

On Patrol

Mk VI Light Tank
7th Queen's Own Hussars

I have been reading up about the Caunter Camo Scheme and what has come over clearly is that there is no definitive way of doing it. This is fine because I am very happy with the way these tank regiments have turned out. 

The tanks: A13 is a resin model from Frontline Wargaming. The two Vickers are from the venerable Airfix kit. There's an A & a C built so you can probably work out what's coming next. I really like the Frontline model but I will going with the S-Model version of the A13. Or with an A9 or A10 if the models are available.

All the best!


  1. Again James, great job on the tanks. I particularly like that A13. And your right about the Caunter scheme. You can never get photos of all 4 sides and the roof, it's always just the front/side, side/rear etc!!

  2. Great work on those James, really well painted