Friday, 23 November 2012

German Bread

Birmingham is experiencing its annual visit from the German Christmas Market. If you do go I recommend a weekday visit: Saturdays & Sundays are truly hellish. I don't buy much, just the bread this time; you do get some bargains but overall the prices are eye-watering.

It's a black bread topped with pumpkin seeds and is as heavy as it looks. I forgot to ask its name. My guess is Pumpernickel but I'll bet one of you fine lot can identify it!

I had two slices toasted with poached eggs on for dinner. Very nice but I definitely needed a drink with it. And it will keep the mail moving too.


  1. Rather you than me! It looks as if it would make an excellent road surface. In unrelated news, I have nominated you for an award:

  2. It's jaw-achingly tough to say the least. I've noticed and thank you very much!

    All the best