Friday, 2 November 2012

At Home With The Tarbooshians

Pictures of a recent trip to near the front line by HSH The Grand Tarboosh has been released by the Tarbooshian news agency Depravda. HSH's well known affection for the modern is seen in his adoption of motorised transport. This is not a slur on HSH's impressive manhood, he is a world class horseman! 

Also in attendance were members of HSH own bodyguards the Ennicheries and his personal cook, Filthy Abdul.

HSH The Grand Tarboosh surveys his troops. 
And waits for his driver to return.

Filthy Abdul the camp cook salutes his Sovereign's arrival.
A donkey looks on.

Filthy Abdul announces the day's menu while the donkey slopes off.

Rolls Royce 1905 car by Airfix 1/32 scale, fender flags from TVAG. HSH figure is a repainted Jafar (Disney's Aladdin). I love the arrogant and aloof manner of the figure.Filthy Abdul is a converted & repainted farmhand. The donkey is a converted farm animal, baggage items from the spares box. I made the stove completely from scratch using bits from the spares box but the pots in the foreground are repainted Crescent(?) items. The two bodyguards are repainted 54mm Britains Saracens.

Whether HSH The GT actually leads his men into a Garden Wargames battle remains to be seen. He probably will follow the example of King Boris and find a high tower to survey proceedings bravely.

All the best!

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