Saturday, 10 November 2012


  1. Finished Tarbooshian 2nd Infantry Regiment. Painted, based and varnished.
  2. Pictures to follow.
  3. Finished the two British officers (they came with the AiP Egyptians) in grey. They've both been posted to seperate Anahuacan infantry regiments. This will free up a couple of commissioned sombrero wearers for staff duties.
  4. Swapped the heads on four bandsmen: sombreros for bearskins.
  5. Galvanised an extra six Anahuacan infantry from the wrecks I bought at the toy soldier show. They'll all be posted to 2nd Infantry Regiment.
  6. Moved arms and heads on the 54mm Britains Saracens so the figures all face the same way: side on.
  7. Filled gaps in Saracen head/neck areas post surgery.
  8. All Saracen figures need re-basing before painting.
  9. Drilled holes for pegs in the Saracens' feet (ouch!)
  10. Cut down two AiP Egyptians for transforming into Tarbooshian artillerymen.
  11. Cut bases for all the 'new' figures. I'm using balsa wood now: light but sturdy.
  12. Varnished the guns of the artillery park.
  13. Got a new grey Fedora in the post. That will go well with my 1940s suit. 
  14. I need to stop reading about all this 1/1200 ship action stuff. It's getting too tempting!


  1. This all sounds nearly as energetic as the dancing! Who is the nasty fellow who's been tempting you with tales of 1/1200 ships? I think we should be told.

    1. No idea, Tim......

      And I've found a supplier of the Tri-Ang Minic range just around the corner from me!