Thursday, 29 November 2012

Household Brigade

What would His Serene Highness The Grand Tarboosh be without His Household? An Anahuacan probably.

The Tarbooshian Guard is the élite of the army. Its order of battle is:

  • The Guards Armoured 
  • The Guard Grand Band
  • The Guard Artillery
  • The Guard Transport Corps

Its primary function is to the protect and preserve the person of The Grand Tarboosh Himself. But, on the battlefield, it is often used to administer the coup de grace to an already well slotted enemy. Second to none and never defeated!

54mm figures all sourced at the recent Birmingham Toy Soldier Fair. The Tarboosh's driver started life as a cowboy and has gone up in the world since then. His mother is said to be delighted. The gunners are former ACW but a head swap gave them a well deserved promotion. The flag is TVAG but repainted by me.

Post photo shoot HSH The Grand Tarboosh was served mint tea with honey and nut sweetmeats by this fellow:


All the best!


  1. Splendid stuff! I do like your artillery tractor. Is the car an Airfix 1905 Rolls-Royce perchance?

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thank you! It is indeed an Airfix 1905 RR I picked up at an antiques market in Brum. The artillery tractor is a converted toy wooden tractor from the charity shop.