Monday, 19 November 2012


Is the enemy of us all. Well, me anyway. I've been painting and varnishing all week and seem to have gotten precisely nowhere. But then again it's been Tarbooshian & Anahuacan infantry and you've already seen units of them in this blog. In other news I was tidying some cupboards today and found some Crossfire units & tanks; my take on the buildings of Stalingrad and some 1/1200 (approx) scale ships I built years ago when in the the throes of an episode of depression. I do struggle with that brand of mental illness and find that when the black dog comes for me I become incredibly (destructively?) creative and productive. Where I think an hour or two has passed in reality I've been hard at work for eight or more hours. Without a break. Anyways over the coming days I'll get these finds photo'ed, written up and published.

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