Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday Night is Jitter-Bug Night!

As regular readers will know I'm an avid fan of swing-dance and have been learning to dance Jitter-Bug & 1920s Charleston for the past 11 months. Well tonight's the night for that but I've decided, given it's massive popularity, that I need some lessons in Lindy-Hop. What I already know will be of some help since Jitter-Bug evolved from Lindy and they have a lot in common but are different. Luckily the Lindy class is on a Thursday night in Lichfield.

Anyways here's a couple of swing jazz classics to keep you going until my next post: Skyliner which gets straight to it & the quiet start and belting finish of 2 O'Clock Jump

Swing that thing!


  1. That sounds awfully energetic! I settled for a quiet evening holding back the Bolshevik hordes...

  2. Western civilisation is safe.....
    Report coming soon.