Monday, 13 May 2013

Artillery... a bit like drummers. They sometimes forget when to come in but when they do it's Ian Paice As Thunder God (Why didn't you pick: Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Ginger Baker, Cozy Powell, Mick Avory, Topper Headon or John Bonham? Easy, they're in other artillery units). 

Which brings me rather neatly to today's offering. An addition to the 1940ish PzDiv in the form of a toy 105mm leFH 18 to represent the divisional artillery regiment. The tractor/LOG unit is one of those Krupp-Protzes I got cheap a while back. This division is going to be well supplied with them in various roles.

HOT NEWS! This just in: scored a Revell SdKfz 7 which will serve as the 105mm gun's prime mover and LOG vehicle!

The toys are Zvezda's 105mm Haubitze & Matchbox's Krupp Protze truck. All painted, based and flocked by me.




  1. More great work James. No wonder I have missed your posts of late, my blog list is showing your latest post was two months ago...Thats a little strange?

    1. No idea, mate, it is a little odd though. I'm not that lazy!