Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wednesday Wish

UPDATE 03/06/13: The model with the most votes was Matilda II! Thank you all who voted.

Good people of the Blogosphere! It is time to exercise your franchise in the latest poll to pop-up. I have a number of models to make but there is, you'll be relieved to hear, a shortlist of just four.

Airfix 25pdr & Quad

Italeri Canone da Bang 149/40

Airfix Matilda MkII

Italerai ABM42 with 47mm A/T Gun

Your votes count!


  1. have just made the Italian Artillery and have the other 3 to make as well, all good kits but would vote Matilda as its a an old favorite

    1. Don't forget to click the poll gadget, chumrade! Top RH corner of this page :-)

  2. Matilda trundled into an early lead but is being reeled back in by Morris Quad. The swing-o-meter (one for our younger bloggers there) is in OVERDRIVE!!!!!!!!!

  3. OOOOOOOOO! It's turned into a neck and neck race between Matty and Quaddy. With the Italians also vying for, er, first runner-up spot!

    Don't let your fave model lose its deposit! VOTE NOW!!