Sunday, 26 May 2013

BEF Bits

More Megablitzing with the BEF. Well, some of it, and, since it wasn't all that big anyway, I'm probably halfway there already!

What we have for you today is:

Lorry transport which can double as either a Brigade's transport or LOG vehicle. But not both.

A dedicated LOG vehicle. Commandeered heavy haulage for Lord Gort's brave boys.

A Vickers Medium Mk II tank. Now I know none of these tanks saw combat in France but it's what I've got. So it gets used.

I like the RAF roundels on the vehicles. It aids with recognition, my eyesight's not what it was, and looks quite charming.


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  1. I may have missed a post where you show which lorry you bought and painted, but that clearly looks like one of those "Days Gone By" metal toys...

    1. No you haven't missed a post and yes it is. Well spotted.