Friday, 3 May 2013

Panzers, East! (Or, More Likely, West!)

Here are the latest vehicles from Die Cotgrafische Maschinenwerke. I had great fun leaving off all the non-essential paraphernalia from these toys. Headlights etc., who needs 'em? Not my glorious 1940ish Toy Panzer Division that's whom.

Schutzen Regiment 2 of the motorised infantry, not panzer-grenadiers, not yet. A LOG column which once delivered McVitie's biscuits from a cardboard box. A Panzer II masquerading as a Befiehl Panzer (who remembers the scene in The Battle of Britain when all those types are hooting 'Fuehrer befiehl!' at Gitler's ravings?). And a bus for the Rear HQ chaps complete with radio operator in front in case anyone asks for a return ticket to the shops. Mistakes like that can hold up an entire toy offensive. Or destroy the credibility of an offensive toy.

The Pics:

Gratuitous Group Shot



Schutzen Regiment Abteilungs I & II
LOG Column

Close-Up Abt II

Updates as they happen.

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