Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring 2013 & Brum In The Rain

Couple of shots of blossoming vegetation in my back garden. Plus some images I snapped in Brum yesterday (12/5/13).

Beautiful Cherry Blossom

Ivy, Fig Trees, 
Yellow Flowers (ID please?)
More Cherry Blossom

Mint, Chives, Garlic

Digbeth In Bloom
To think Prince Rupert & his gangsters once attacked Brum up this very road.

The Selfish's Building

H Turns His Back On Mammon

The Level Foreground Makes Me Think Of The Opening Scenes Of Stingray.
Attention, Marineville!!
Saint Martin's In-The-Bullring

No Idea.......

Brum's Cathedral Saint Phillip's
Set In Pigeon Park.
Home of yoof loudness since the year dot. 
The park not the Catherdral that is.