Monday, 27 May 2013

1940ish German Infantry Division

I've been quiet for the last couple of weeks. Mainly due to going dancing a lot and working on today's offering. Swing dancing has become very important to me: I go to class three times per week now. Mind you  I'm improving at an exponential rate so it's worth it. This Friday coming I am off on my first dance-weekender! Three days of classes and socials: must pace myself or it'll be curtains. Lots of my friends are going but I'll be making lots more. Some are camping but not this hep-cat; I'm hotelling it and a good thing too! I'll be sure to take my camera to get lots of action shots.

Anyways, enough dance waffle. What you want is some pictures of figures and here they are:

Megablitz 1940ish German Infantry Division

Lesney VW, Zvezda & Matchbox Figures.

They should be on one stand. 
But as they are is fine should they wish to leave the VW and go for a walk.

Mercedes-Benz Radio Truck
Converted Matchbox truck.
I know it's modern. Call a solicitor if you're that bothered.

Three Infantry Regiments. Each of three battalions.
A mix of Caesar & Airfix figures.

Divisional Pioneer Battalion. 
Mean & lean Caesar figures with a Zvezda SdKfz251

Divisional Fusilier Battalion taking a sneaky peek.
Zvezda figures lying down on the job.

Divisional Artillery Regiment.
Zvezda 75mm infantry gun & crew.
Days Gone By LOG/limber.
Caesar groom.

Divisional Anti-Tank Regiment
Revell 'Doorknocker',
Airfix crew,
Days Gone By LOG/limber,
Caesar groom.

Grub's up!
Divisional LOG Column.
Also the LAST Horch I will ever make.

The Division on parade


Update: Just noticed the blog has gone over 10,000 views. Thank you everyone!

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