Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Percussion Adjustment

All hail His Serene Highness The Grand Tarboosh!

As is well known HSHTGH is an advocate of the modern: rifled artillery, radio-telephony and making Anahuaco like Tarbooshia. This is right and proper but HSH has not abandoned the old ways entirely. No! As a clear-sighted leader he knows his troops respond well to a perfectly timed beating. Able to send the commands of The Tarboosh over great distances and unlikely to have a power failure; we present to the world the latest addition to HSH's Household Brigade!

So, running dogs of Anahuaco, tremble before the Drums of Doom and flee from the Sticks of Slaughter!

The figure is, of course, a Mameluke drummer from Napoleon I's Imperial Guard. All I did was base him up and give him a coat of varnish. Oh and straighten one of his slaughtering sticks.

Updates as they happen!