Friday, 31 May 2013

In Maginot We Trust Part 2

One for my friend Virginia here. She claimed the Renault FT-17s featured in this post were like little ducks with big eyes. I fear these will get the same girly treatment.

A couple of Renault R-35s which I picked up at Salute and got around to building last night. They are a really fast build, each one took about ten minutes. From a Japanese manufacturer (S-Models) and with two toys per box a nice addition to the burgeoning DLM. Looking forward to some bright camo schemes on these two after all that German grey.

Eagle eyed readers will note that the box claims the toys are captured examples.
I say PAH!

I did one with a dome top and one with a flat top

I particularly liked the track arrangement on these toys. They come as a single piece but the are quite flexible. Careful with that cutting out, Eugene, but the effect is nice. The kits also came with the short barrel 37mm gun which will come in handy elsewhere. Also included were some brass parts, for example metal covers for the exhausts and lugs various. Needless to say these are being left off as extraneous matter. If anyone wants them drop me a line.

Off to Jumpin' At The Woodside and the forecast is GOOOOOOOD!

PS S-Models are available from PSC


  1. I have to get some of these but want to increase my A13s first, so down the list they go :)

    1. These two will form a tank battalion each. Where do you get your A13s from, Al?

  2. There is a guy in Taiwan called Always models, he's very good, prompt delivery and reasonably priced

  3. Forget my last question about the maker...These are great value for money.