Friday, 10 May 2013

AufklärungsBataillon Has No Direct English Translation....

....But who cares?! We all know it means Recce and that's good enough.

So, we have the first part of the 1940ish PzDiv's Recce toys. First up is a m/c combo sporting a sizzling MG34; ideal for a snoop & scoot recce. Also pictured is an SdKfz 232 done up as an SdKfz 234 to confuse the enemy. Cunning, no? The remainder of the AufKlaBat is stuck in a convoy somewhere between here and Ebay. But the less said about that the better. Loose lips sink German ships as well.

The 234/232 is the trusty Italerai kit. A fairly simple and quick build apart from the 'look-at-me-&-I'll-snap' wheel mountings. Once again most of the extraneous matter has been left off the toy. Painted in Vallejo 'German Grey'; a wash with 'Dervlan Mud'; some mud splatter; based and flocked. The m/c combination is the Zvezda kit. Beautifully crafted but fiddly. The biker figure, despite my best efforts, does not have his hands on the handlebars. Still, it's a toy so it doesn't matter. YAY!!

SdKfz 232 ('onest, Guv) & Evel Von Knievel