Friday, 31 May 2013

Finished! At last!

Good morning!

I'm going on a well-earned break tonight and won't be back on line until Tuesday next. So to keep you going  this is the first of two posts today. First up, as the title suggests, is something that took me some time to complete. I'm quite proud of it even though it did drive me to despair on more than one occasion. I think the relentless grey was partly to blame. It reminded me of where pebble-dash goes to die. No matter, tis done!

As you can see from the shots it's a big beast. Huge in fact but that is to be expected from this 'army' in miniature. It was designed to be able to fight, drive and eat for three days without re-supply and on the whole it did this. That the Germans' acts of extreme folly during The Battle of France were crowned with laurels is immaterial at this distance of time. But just imagine what a more resolute and determined Allied command could have done to Guderian's panzer corps........

Enough what if. Here's the toys:

1940ish Panzer Division

Front Row L to R
Rear HQ Bus, BefiehlPz, Engineers Bn, AA Regt, 1 Pz Abt, 2 Pz Abt, Recce Bn

Back Row L to R
AT Regt & LOG, Motor Inf Abt 1-4, Div POL, Div LOG, Arty Reg & LOG



  1. Crikey James you have come a long way in a short space of time.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you, Paul, that's a really kind thing to say. I am a bit like Guderian in that I tend to drive hard for objectives and, sometimes, make myself ill doing so. Silly of me I know but JATW did me the power of good: swing-dancing, splendid classes, sunshine and friends all having a great time.

      I'm getting ready for some Tarbooshia action so stay tuned!

    2. I concur with Paul very nicely done and in record time to boot!

  2. Schurzen in 1940? I think not, but a nice looking force, good work. The one question I have is - if that's the size of a motorcycle - how do you fit the crew in the 222? Nice to see a focus on the vehicles and not the armour

    1. I like the way you mingle praise with criticism, good work!

      Where does it say it's a 1940 Pz Div? It's also a Megablitz unit so obsessive rivet counting is off the menu in favour of the look. As for the SdKfz222 it's a 1/100 scale model from Zvezda. That's how much I care because in the end they're TOYS not the real thing.